BJPE’s Mission

The Birmingham Journal of Political Economy (BJPE) pays homage to several of the university’s and locales’ legacies. Namely, Birmingham as a center for pre-Keynesian political-economic thought, its place as the home to the United Kingdom’s first business school, and its current status as one of England’s most racially and culturally diverse cities. 

The journal itself seeks to follow the multidisciplinary and pluralistic path set by leading journals such as the Cambridge Journal of Economics, New Political Economy, Governance, and Review of International Political Economy.

By way of its embrace of pluralism, BJPE also seeks to contribute towards breaking-down remaining ideological barriers between American, British, and continental approaches to social science research and thought.

Paradoxically, “Birmingham” has meant something completely different in the United States, as it harkens back to the overt and covert racism of the 1960’s, as well as the brave civil rights activists of then and now. Thus, it welcomes works that confront historical and contemporary issues of race, inequality, and social justice.

Perhaps most importantly, via its editorial board, BJPE seeks to be one of the few English-language journals (in the social sciences) to be maintained by a racially and culturally diverse staff.